28 February 2012

The Downfall of Cubicle Walls

You know what they say about cubicle partition walls......
     [Do they actually say something about cubicle partition walls?]

Well I certainly wish there was some cliched, overused aphorism about them.
        Because maybe then you would have considered that at least some partial truth must lie in the phrase.
              And you would perhaps have reconsidered your actions.
           Or likely just whispered less audibly
                                                                          about the girl adjacent to your cubicle.
Because there's this thing about the brain being wired to hear its own name even amidst the densest droning of sound. 
              Ergo, you can be sure that she'll have heard you.
                             So feel free to share all of the judgmental things you can think of about her.

appreciate    it.

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