28 May 2012

Tutorial: Add In-Seam Pockets to a Dress

It’s finally warm and sunny outside, which means that I have ample opportunities and a not-so-subtle excuse to wear my summer dresses. And, of course, to go buy some more. However, I’m always so distraught to rediscover that the majority of my lovely summer-wear lacks any pockets. I’m a pocket girl, and I can’t imagine not being able to slip my phone, keys, chapstick, and/or wallet into my pockets and run out the door. 
A purse/bag has its place, but 1) I like knowing that my most important items are closest to me, and that 2) I don’t need a purse to accompany me everywhere I go. For instance, I’m a college student, and that means I carry a heavy backpack around. I often leave my backpack in study rooms, classrooms, and other places for a while to go get some campus food, visit the computer lab, etc. Therefore, I need somewhere to store at least my phone, money, and school ID. Pockets are really a wonderful solution for this! Why don’t all dresses come with pockets? Beats me. I added my own in-seam pockets to my first summer dress of the year, and wrote a tutorial for anyone else who wants to do the same:

In-seam pockets are great for a few reasons:
  1. They are essentially invisible because they lie on the seam of the dress.
  2. The work needed to add these in is practically minimal.
  3. You are only restricted by the size of your dress as far as how large you want to make your pockets.
  4. Pockets in a dress! It’s like bacon for dessert.
I made mine big enough to very comfortably fit my cellphone and a wallet on the other side with room for small extra things. And because they are in-seam pockets, you can basically choose whatever color/pattern of fabric to line your pockets with, because they will rarely be seen. I still decided on a muted, white fabric so that no attention is drawn to the insides of my pockets just in case....