03 April 2012

Tutorial: Using Remove Background in Word 2010

I absolutely love the look of a sharply-contrasted black and white photo.  There's something about the juxtaposition involved with creating such a distinct picture while somehow leaving a sort of subtlety from the absence of color.
It's fascinating to me.  Do you enjoy this too?

I also love that by changing this particular photo to purely black and white, the Captain America mask that my fiance was sporting was magically transformed into a seemingly awesome retro pilot mask.  Do you see that or is it just me? 

When I discovered that with Word 2010 comes an additional feature for picture manipulation entitled "Remove Background", I immediately saw endless possibilities for using this. 

NOTE:  Many graphics programs come with a similar feature (often more than one) that allows the user to remove the background in similar ways to those described here.  My intent in this tutorial is simply to describe how the Remove Background feature may be utilized in Word either for those who are not as familiar with or do not have access to graphics programs, or for anyone who is merely interested in learning how to use Word to more of its full capacity.