15 October 2011

Introductory Piecing.

I recently went purchasing (as we now call "shopping with a purpose") at an admittedly adorable store in Gardner Village: Pine Needles.  It's a fabric, quilting, and embroidery store and it was setup in such a way that it felt like every nook and cranny you looked in you'd find more piles and baskets of fabric.  I kind of felt like hugging every piece of fabric in there.  Somehow, I managed to only buy half of the store and frankly, I'm pretty surprised that I've never heard of this place before for fabrics.  Any ideas?  I've only been to large chain retailers before like Hobby Lobby and Joann, so I don't exactly have the widest range of experience here, but this place was unbelievable. 

With the help of Google and lovely internet bloggers who post free tutorials, I decided to learn a little bit of quilting and piecing and paper piecing techniques and freezer paper techniques.  About 15 youtube videos later, I decided to go for a simple geometric design (I love engineering paper for this stuff).  The plan was to measure out the pieces directly onto the fabric, until I arrived at an SAS (side-angle-side) problem.  And for those of you who remember your Laws of cosines from trigonometry, good for you.  I know I could have looked it up on google, but since I had already done a bunch of right triangle trig, and it's Fall Break, and it's just 5 pieces for a simple block, I got lazy and just cut pieces out of paper and pinned them onto my fabric. 

So, I picked the fabrics out for a good friend of mine whom I am making a project for.  My first experience with piecing turned out not to be a huge disaster. 

All in all, life is good.

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