17 October 2011

Train Activities.

My train ride to school is almost exactly 1 hour long.  Each way.  I used to just fall asleep, but it was the sort of sleep where your head slowly droops down until that point where the neck muscles finally just give up, then your head snaps up violently and somehow you'll manage to fall asleep again within milliseconds only to repeat this process again for the next ten minutes.
Save sleep, I really feel like I need to do something for the 10 hours a week I'm on Trax.  Something resembling productivity.  Of course, I can't be too productive, say as to read my fluids textbook or start on homework assignments, because that would just make too way much sense.   Instead, I need to:
  • Play through my old gameboy games?  Am I too old to enjoy Pokemon again?
  • Write a book featuring train people.  I'm convinced they're a separate, yet closely related species.
  • Crochet or knit something small enough that doesn't invade space. 
  • Listen to as many wonderful podcasts as I can squeeze in.
  • Compose a song purely from my head without hearing any of it until completed.  (Before you get any notions about this...I'll tell you now that it will sound awful and I am okay with that.)
  • Write down and illustrate all of the things I want to take apart and the things I want to invent.  

So far I've accomplished two of these.  The podcasts, and the knitting one...
I kept seeing images of children frolicking and wanting to see my knitting projects, but then when I'm leaning over to show them, the train screeches to a halt and my knitting needles gorily poke them in the eyes.  I bought circular needles to relieve myself of this unlikely, but very real image.  I also needed a place to hold my yarn other than my lap so that I can pull it out from the center without it rolling and bouncing everywhere.
And I found a solution that makes me ridiculously happy.

Yarn.  In a shoebox.

Knitting.  From a shoebox!

That's right!  I'm using a shoebox.  It makes perfect sense, really.
I cut the slit on the side of the lid so that I can easily pull the yarn in and out of the shoebox.  
Also, this shoebox is the same one that I was proposed to with.  I know, it's ridiculous.  But I'm in love.  With all of it.

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  1. you are most definitely the coolest person I know, and I would really like to hear one of those songs one day. And I would absolutely read that book.

    And I'm glad that you're in love. :)