26 August 2012

Beekeeper's Quilt: 40 Hexipuffs.

So, I'm basically a hexipuff factory.  Now that school is back in, being on the train for about 2 hours each day means that I can get around 3-4 of these done a day.  Ignoring the fact that I'm becoming a brittle old lady from all of this, I'm hoping this means that I've effectively cut my expected time of completion in half.   We'll see how this really goes in a few weeks...

Go here to see my first hexipuff post and look at how far I've come.

Then there's the fact that all of my plain-colored hexipuffs stand out too much and look so empty. Clearly, the only solution is to embroider some wonderful images on these guys.  Any ideas?
40 hexipuffs made in 25 days.  Not too shabby, eh?

The hexagonal shape of the hexipuffs really seems like it would lend itself well to chemistry allusions.

That one with the mustache on it?   That guy is starting off my collection of mustache hexipuffs.  Should I portmanteau this?  Mustachipuffs?  Hexistaches?

Here is the mustache hexipuff closer up.  Being a champion.

Sir Hexistache

Here's the pattern I created for the mustache hexipuff.   I first created the hexipuff using just the yellow yarn, and then I embroidered the mustache on using the duplicate stitch which copies the stitches of knitting so that it looks I knitted it this way to begin with.  Here is a good tutorial on the duplicate stitch on Bella Knitting.

More mustachipuffs to come... 


  1. Hexistaches! Haha. Your puffs are coming along beautifully. I must say I'm jealous of your two hour train rides....

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