28 February 2012

The Downfall of Cubicle Walls

You know what they say about cubicle partition walls......
     [Do they actually say something about cubicle partition walls?]

Well I certainly wish there was some cliched, overused aphorism about them.
        Because maybe then you would have considered that at least some partial truth must lie in the phrase.
              And you would perhaps have reconsidered your actions.
           Or likely just whispered less audibly
                                                                          about the girl adjacent to your cubicle.
Because there's this thing about the brain being wired to hear its own name even amidst the densest droning of sound. 
              Ergo, you can be sure that she'll have heard you.
                             So feel free to share all of the judgmental things you can think of about her.

appreciate    it.

13 February 2012

Sweatshirt to Baby Valentine's Shirt Refashion.

I'm not really into Valentine's day; call me the Valentine's Scrooge.  Actually, please don't.  There's something about it that has always felt so forced to me.  This seemingly arbitrary day that dictates when we should show an excess amount of love to those we care about most.  It's always made me feel silly...As if my love to you on the 14th should somehow manifest itself in ways that are more obvious and complete than at any other day of the year.  That's not to say that there aren't people who celebrate Valentine's day in a very personal, discrete manner.  Ultimately, I think that's all that really matters: what does it mean to you?  To me, it represents an absurd amount of artificial gifting, and almost necessary tokens of affection that it creates not a day of appreciation and love, but of expectations and anxiety.  I know.  I sound like I've been let down on Valentine's day, or dumped, or single and heartbroken for them all, or just really loveless.  But I haven't, and I'm not.  I just see people passing by me every year rushing to find chocolates or roses or even a more specialized, personal gift that will tell that special someone they mean the world to them.  And it made me realize that it seems almost impossible for a day to try to encompass so much emotion and meaning.  Because, in my eyes, it's hard to even fit all of that love and compassion into one year, let alone one day.  Which perhaps makes me more sappy than someone who celebrates Valentine's day with real vigor.  I think that every day in some way should be a kudos to love: because truly, is there anything meaningful without?